Namur, education and training

Since 2014, the Pôle académique de Namur (Namur Academic Cluster) has comprised 14 institutes of higher education scattered throughout the province. These include the University of Namur, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech and the colleges, breeding grounds for highly qualified researchers and students who share a common goal: to place research at the service of industry. (fr)

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2 universities

In the historic heart of the city, the University of Namur provides high-quality education and develops cutting-edge research. High-specificity polymers, biochips, carbon nanotubes, bioluminescence, software engineering, water quality… faculty researchers work on subjects that cover strategic sectors leading in many cases to the direct or indirect implementation of technologically innovative products. To promote technology transfer, the University of Namur, in partnership with the Walloon Region and the BEP, has set up a Technology Centre located on the campus, an incubator providing equipped modules for young project promoters.

Unamur building

Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (ULg-GxABT)


The name Gembloux is inextricably linked to the university faculties of agronomic sciences in Gembloux, now known as Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech. As an internationally renowned place of education and research, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech has boldly pushed back the boundaries of agronomics to take an interest in many related areas, including the environment, biotechnology, product processing and quality, water and waste management, town and country planning, etc. Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech has promoted the development of research to an extraordinary degree and shown a keen interest in finding concrete applications for this research, particularly within its Technology Centre, a unit of which is located in the CRÉALYS® Science Park.

Gembloux universtity

4 hautes écoles

Haute Ecole Hennalux


The Haute Ecole Namur-Liège-Luxembourg (HENALLUX) has five campuses on the territory of Namur bringing together the following departments: economic, technical, educational, paramedical, social.


The Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard (HEAJ) is located in Namur and Tamines. The trainings are divided into 4 categories: economic, technical (graphics and computer graphics), educational and paramedical. The HEAJ offers also a Master in Transmedia.

Haute Ecole HECH Namur


The Haute Ecole of the Province of Namur is located in Namur and Ciney. The students who attend it can be teached in various professions in the agronomic, economic and paramedical departments, including a bachelor in co-graduation with the HEAJ. (fr)

ISIA (HECH Gembloux)

The Institut Supérieur Industriel, agronomic section of the Haute Ecole Charlemagne, which is located in Gembloux, offers short type and long type training in horticulture, agriculture and landscape architect. (fr)

1 graduate school of the arts


The Institut supérieur de Musique et de Pédagogie (IMEP) offers a multidisciplinary education based on research, creation and openness to the world of the arts. It provides courses for artists, teachers and social players adapted to the realities on the ground and in today’s society. (fr)

7 instituts de promotion sociale

L’École Industrielle et Commerciale de la Province de Namur (EICPN) Province of Namur Industrial and Commercial College

L’École Supérieure des Affaires de Namur (ESA) Namur Business College (fr)

L’Institut d’Enseignement de Promotion Sociale de la Communauté Française (IEPSCF-Cadets) Institute of Improvement Courses of the French-speaking Community (fr)

L’Institut d’Enseignement de Promotion Sociale de la Communauté Française (IEPSCF-Cefor)  Institute of Improvement Courses of the French-speaking Community (fr)

L’Institut Libre de Formation Permanente de Namur (ILFoP) Namur Free Institute of Further Training (fr)

L’Institut Provincial de Formation Sociale (IPFS) Provincial Institute of  Social Training (fr)

L’Institut Technique – promotion sociale de Namur (ITN) Technical Institute – improvement courses in Namur (fr)

The police academy of the Province of Namur

As a training operator approved by the Federal Public Service of Interior, the provincial police academy of the Province of Namur trains police candidates that are eager to join the career, as well as the aspiring inspectors and the “candidates for the rank”, members of the police already in office who wish to reach a higher rank. The academy organizes “continuing” and “functional” training for the latter. They also have a special cursus for logistics and administrative staff.

acadé (fr)

The “Cité des Métiers” of Namur

On 22 July 2014, the city of Namur was awarded the Cité des Métiers label issued by the International Labelling Committee of the Cités des Métiers in Paris.

La cité des Métiers

A Cité des Métiers is a multi-partner place, open to all groups in search of information and advice to build their professional future, according to the principles of open access and anonymity of use, free of charge. Its mission is to direct users towards all means of formulating and achieving their career aims and to guide and support them with their choices by providing them, in a single place, with:

– interviews with professionals from institutions competent in the fields of guidance and professional life,

– freely available documentation on employment, careers and vocational training,

– IT resource centres and multimedia areas,

– information days, symposia and meetings organized by all partners, or arranged jointly with external partners. (fr)