Namur, innovation


Real territory of innovation, Namur doesn’t stop growing in every spheres (mobility, heritage, culture, tourism, waste management, etc). The « Smart City » is constantly increasing its offer of products and services in order to answer its citizens needs. In 2021, Namur joined the Network of UNESCO’s creative cities in the creative field of « digital arts ». It is the first Belgian city to join this Network in this thematic.


The KIKK is an international digital and creative culture festival that brings more than 25.000 people from 46 different countries to Namur. The festival explores the economic and artistic implications of new technologies. Bringing together the best from the world of technology, visual arts, music, architecture, design and interactive media, the KIKK is now considered to be a flagship international event.

Places of creativity


The TRAKK, an initiative supported by the EU (FEDER) and Wallonia, is a Walloon creative hub, a space of multi-disciplinary co-creation promoting creative projects throughout the whole territory of Namur. It was born out of a collaboration between various partners: the BEP, the KIKK, the Resources network and the University of Namur. The aim is to welcome/support promoters of projects and business leaders from Namur as they seek to successfully develop creative and innovative projects.

With the support of European funding, the BEP has recently constructed a new building which is larger and more suitable, in order to host the services not only of the creative hub but also of start-ups in search of turnkey infrastructure. The chosen site is the former sports hall of the University of Namur, located just a stone’s throw from the city centre of Namur. This project amounts to an investment of € 4 million and will be operational by the middle of 2019.

mart Gastronomy Lab

Smart Gastronomy Lab

The Smart Gastronomy Lab is a Living Lab, a multi-disciplinary structure of co-creation, prototyping and consumer tests. The SGL seeks to give consumers the opportunity to be at the heart of food innovation and involve them in each of the product or project development stages. Experimentation based on gastronomy and new technologies therefore enables consumers to create products, services or utensils that reflect their actual needs. (fr)

The Namur Intelligente et Durable (NID)

The NID is designed as a platform for exchange and communication based on the theme of sustainable town planning. It aims to make available and increase the appeal of these complex materials by organising recreational and educational events.

Put town planning in the spotlight, keep as precise a record as possible of visitors, produce educational publications and brochures, give a platform to the numerous stakeholders of the city…These kinds of activities are arranged by the Town Planning Pavilion to increase awareness of the developments and projects of Namur among the general public. (fr)

Le Pavillon

has been hailed for its design and its innovative materials. Settled on the majestic site of the Citadelle, the Pavilion was designed by the architect of Namur origin, Patrick Genard. The 2,500 m² structure will be managed by the Kikk Festival team and aims to be a showcase for new technologies and Walloon innovation. (en)

Namur Intelligente et Durable (NID) is a place of citizen and technological convergence that will eventually host the Pavilion of urban development and will be a showcase of the city’s innovation capacity.