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The hospital network of Namur

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The goal is to find a sustainable answer to the issue of the access to health care and the health care reform, including the evolution of health care funding, but also to be able to adjust and encourage the evolution of medical practice.

The intention is to make the RHN a real network based on cooperation and consensus.

Every institution maintains its current governance as well as its independence and autonomy



  • CHU UCL Namur (Site of Dinant)


  • Clinique Saint-Luc
  •  CHR Sambre & Meuse (Site of Meuse)
  • CHU UCL Namur (Site of Sainte-Elisabeth and Foyer Saint-François)


  • CHR Sambre & Meuse (Site of Sambre)


  • CHU UCL Namur (Site of Godinne)


  • Andenne
  • Sambreville
  • Ciney
  • Gembloux
  • Givet
  • Namur
  • Perwez

hospital networks

CHR Sambre et Meuse

The « CHR Sambre et Meuse » was created on January 1st 2012 as a unified structure respectful of the features of each institution and patients.

Respectful of philosophical and religious pluralism, the CHR of Namur and Val de Sambre work together as public care institutions sharing values and methods.


  • Namur – CHR of Namur (fr)

  • Auvelais – CHR of Val de Sambre (fr)

CHR of Namur
CHR of Namur
CHR of Val de Sambre
CHR of Val de Sambre

Clinique Saint-Luc

Clinique Saint-Luc

This institution was created in 1931 in the heart of the city of Namur. Settled since 1974 on the hillside, it never stopped growing, they even own some decentralized health centers. (fr)


The CHU Dinant Godinne | UCL Namur and the Clinic and Maternity hospital Sainte-Elisabeth merged to form a new hospital complex.

The new entity is distributed between the hospital sites of Dinant, Godinne and Sainte-Elisabeth. Besides the hospital activity, the CHU UCL Namur has accommodations facilities for the elderly and early childhood care facilities.


  • Godinne – CHU UCL Godinne
  • Dinant – CHU UCL Dinant
  • Namur –  Sainte-Elisabeth Site (fr)

CHU UCL Godinne
CHU UCL Godinne
CHU UCL Dinant
CHU UCL Dinant
Namur - Clinic and Maternity hospital Sainte-Elisabeth
Namur – Clinic and Maternity hospital Sainte-Elisabeth

Mental health

The area of Namur counts 2 hospitals specialized in mental health. Their specificity makes them references in this field.

CNP Saint-Martin

C N P  Saint-Martin

Located in a green setting, the Neuro Psychiatric Centre Saint-Martin accommodates and gives psychiatric care to people suffering from psychic difficulties.

According to the pathologies, they propose long or short term treatments during the day or in stay.

Founded in 1901, the Centre is forward-looking and open about the society, his actions promote the reform of psychiatric health care. One of its first goals is to allow both the patients and the health professionals to grow in a respectful environment. (fr)

Le Beau Vallon

Le Beau Vallon

Le Beau Vallon, in Namur, is a psychiatric and health care institution.

They propose a complete range of psychiatric care.

Everything is designed and organized to promote the betterment of the patient and the amelioration of his quality of life. (fr)


Many associations were able to improve the guidance for people with a disability.

Les Perce-Neige

Les Perce-Neige

The non-profit organization “Les Perce-Neige” was founded in Namur in March 1970. Its general goal was to improve the life of disabled people suffering from mental retardation associated or not with other deficiencies. Its immediate goal was to create a Day Centre destined to provide care and education to children with mental and physical disabilities. (fr)

La Douceur Coteaux Mosans

La Douceur Coteaux Mosans

The non-profit organization “La Douceur des Coteaux Mosans” manages 2 complementary services for adults with severe multiple disability, meaning a complete dependence – intellectual, motor, sensorial and epileptic – all the time and for any daily activity.

La Bastide

La Bastide

La Bastide offers a therapeutic accommodation for deaf people experiencing socio-professional or psychological difficulties along with potential other disabilities or health problems. (fr)

L'accueil Mosan

L’accueil Mosan

L’accueil Mosan gathers 3 complementary structures (La Caracole, La Marlagne and Ren’Fort) specialized in the support and accommodation of disabled adults. Their missions: building a respectful, participative, empowering and innovative project with the person and offering an appropriate support to valorize his capacities. (fr)


Le foyer Saint François

Le foyer Saint François

The residential unit accommodates patients with a serious illness, without possibility of recovering. Their condition requires adapted care and environment.

Located in a pleasant setting, the place is made for the patient and his family to feel like home in a cozy atmosphere, but with the security of the medical staff.

foyersaint-franç (fr)


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